June 2016 Has Been a Rough Month

June 2016, has been a rough month.


Today, June 22, 2016, Jefferson Parish Sheriff Deputy David Michel, Jr., was shot and killed.  A few days ago, NOPD Officer Natasha Hunter was struck and killed by an impaired driver. Both officers were killed in the line of duty.  The law enforcement community is a unique family.  When we lose a brother or sister officer we experience a variety of emotions, heartache, grief, sadness, anger, and we try our best to fight back the tears.  I believe the reason it hits us so hard is that we all know it could have been us.  I often wonder—why them?  My family and I will pray for these heroic officers—may they rest in peace.  We will also pray for their families who are having to deal with such overwhelming grief.  I know our citizens will realize these officers died protecting and serving their respective communities.  They gave the ultimate sacrifice so others could be safe.  God Bless our Police! Where would we be without them?  Yes, June 2016, has been a rough month.