Just when you thought things could not get any worse, tragedy struck again.  In the past few weeks, nine more police officers were shot and killed (Dallas, Baton Rouge and Kansas City) with several more police officers seriously injured.  These officers were shot because they wore a police uniform and stood for law and order.   The nation mourns again for our fallen heroes.  We extend our condolences and offer our prayers to the families of the deceased officers and those wounded officers on the road to recovery.  I’ll not venture into the debate about race and the police.  A monthly blog is simply not the place for that discussion.  However, I will close with this.  During my time as a police officer working in New Orleans, I placed my life on the line in life and death situations numerous times to protect the public--Black, White, Asian, Mixed race, and on.  The race of a victim or perpetrator never mattered to me nor should it have.  I treated everyone equally.  My oath of office and my moral fiber prevents me from discrimination in any form.  I pray the violence against our police officers stops.  Stay safe.


Robert Sterling Hecker