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Robert Sterling Hecker began his career in law enforcement with the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD).  During his 28-year career with the NOPD, Hecker was awarded three Keys to the City, three Medals of Merit, 14 Letters of Commendation, and Supervisor of the Year. Hecker rose to the rank of Captain and served as District Commander before retiring from the NOPD. Hecker is currently the Police Chief for the Harbor Police Department - Port of New Orleans.  Chief Hecker oversees the department’s Uniformed Patrol Force, a Marine Division, a Detective Division with representatives on the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force and the Department’s Police Academy and Training Center.

Because of his experience pertaining to port security, Chief Hecker has represented the Port of New Orleans on the “Hardball Show - Live with Chris Matthews” and “ABC World News Tonight,” and also has provided testimony to the Congressional Sub-Committee on Port Security.       


For his efforts during the 2005 Katrina Disaster in New Orleans, Chief Hecker was named New Orleanian of the Year by Gambit Weekly, and was the recipient of several awards, including “Supervisor of the Year” by the Victims and Citizens Against Crime Organization; “Hero of the Storm” by Southern Women’s Magazine; “Hero of the Storm” by the WDSU Television Station; “Meritorious Service” by the New Orleans Metropolitan Crime Commission; “Outstanding Service” by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; “International Police 9/11 Medal for Port Security” by the International Association of Airport and Seaport Police; and “National Service” by the New Orleans Ready Community Partnership.

Chief Hecker prepared a video presentation describing the events throughout the Katrina Disaster, including “Lessons Learned - the Katrina Disaster.”  This presentation has been given to civic groups, police departments, international visitors, the Harvard Law School and various organizations across the country.

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